Video Analysis

Video Analysis

All American Baseball/Softball Hitting and Pitching Video Analysis may be the single best tool for improving a player’s mechanics.  Videoanalysis will identify flaws in a player’s swing, or pitching mechanics, and our professionals will provide you with instant feedback on how to improve.  If you have not gotten a video analysis in the past, you may not know the value until you get the first one!  Not only will our professionals be able to tell you what you are doing wrong, but they will be able to show you with the analysis tools.

Most parents are not experienced enough, nor is it their expertise to break down a swing or pitching mechanics and be able to help their player correct their problems.   Unless you have played or coached for many years, it’s hard to identify problems and know how to fix them! All American Baseball/Softball Analysis gets results!

The process is easy:

1.  We will first video your player

2.  Next we will download your video into our analysis system

3.  Our professionals will break down your mechanics

4.  Our professionals will analyze and show you and your player their weakness

5.  We will complete a written critique as well as give you a CD with your analysis on it

6.  Provide tips and video clips on how to improve

We are currently hosting private hitting and pitching analysis in Lake Havasu City Arizona areas, and Phoenix Arizona areas..  Please contact us to find out available times if you are interested in a hitting or pitching analysis.

Only $75.00 for a Hitting or pitching analysis and our pro staff to break down your mechanics, and you will receive a copy of your analysis with tips on a DVD for you to take with you.


Here’s the steps to follow:
    1.  Have your swing filmed with a camcorder on a tripod for immobility. You should be filming from the front, not behind you, not from the catcher’s angle and not from the pitcher’s angle.  We need to see your full body and it should be as zoomed in as possible to see you and your entire swing. 
    2.  Send us the DVD that has the swings recorded.  The address to ship the DVD or CD to is:  All American Baseball Camps and Showcases 3061 Chemehuevi Pl.  Lake Havasu City, AZ  86406

    3.  Send with the DVD a check or money order made payable to: AA baseball for $85.00 or call us for credit card processing.

    4.  When we receive your video with payment, we will analyze your swing, burn your analysis to a DVD, and ship it back to you with your original recording DVD or CD and a drills and training DVD by Rick  Twyman, Head Coach and Co-Owner, Haysville Heat Baseball  –    You will receive your DVD in 5 to 7 days after we receive it.  Price for the Video Analysis is only $75.00 and the Shipping and Handling charges are an additional $10.00 for a total price of $85.00.


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