Hi Rick,

       Just wanted to thank you and your staff for putting on a great showcase last weekend. As we discussed, Tyler and I were impressed with not only how organized the All American Showcase was run, but also the interaction of coaches, from all the emotional support dog colleges, with the players. I can’t imagine any of the players left without getting some level of feedback. Great stuff my friend!

       In addition, I wish to thank you for your assistance and frank conversation; I respect someone that “pulls no punches” when they speak.

       Best of luck with the KS event and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best regard,

Gary Vistalli
Tyler Vistalli


Dear Coaches and Staff.

 I would like to take couple of minutes and say thanks. It  has been  a great baseball experience last weekend in the showcase. My son Abner Rodriguez expressed to me the great group of talented people and coaches he meet during the weekend. I am encouraging you guys to continue forward with this program and continue to teach and motivate players and make a diference in the way they are seen their future.  


Regards ,     

 Alex Rodriguez

Irvine CA


“Families always tell me about how many different showcases they get invited to and they are unsure of which one to attend.  I tell every family that it’s not a question that All-American Showcases is the way to go.  It’s professionally ran from the registration all the way to the instruction.  As a college coach, it’s the best type of showcase to attend and each kid get’s individual attention from a college coach!  You have baseball people running it and they know what college coaches are looking for and they know how to help families through the process.”
–      Luke Harrigan
–      Alderson-Broaddus College ” West Virginia”
–      Head Baseball Coach


There’s lots of tournaments that make big promises and ask for big bucks. Last weekend’s Phoenix session really delivered on those promises. These guys are the real deal and class acts. Our son has had some very productive conversations with several college coaches as a result.

Paul Schnabel
Phoenix, Arizona

All american showcases are hands down thebest ran and successful showcases in the country.  As a college coach I appreciate everything that they do for prospective athletes.  They truly have the kids best interest in mind and have an amazing track record when it comes to placing players into the college setting.
–      Pat Hon
–     Tabor College


Dear Rick,
We wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in assisting our son, Garrett Heath, in obtaining a baseball/academic scholarship to play baseball at the college level as well as being able to attend an outstanding University.

Yours and your staffs knowledge and insight into this arduous process of finding and selecting a school that is suitable for both Garrett’s baseball needs and academic needs has been superb from the beginning to end.  The assistance provided by All American Baseball Camps has been invaluable in his pursuit of playing baseball at the college level.  After attempting to go at this process on our own, we realized that we would not have been able to obtain this exciting opportunity without the services of All American Baseball Camps.

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In addition to your help in Garrett’s college pursuits, he has learned valuable techniques and fundamentals to be used on the field.  Your assistance in helping him to become a stronger baseball player is very much appreciated.
Thank you again for all that you and All American Baseball Camps have done for Garrett!

Sincerely, Dan and Lois Heath
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Dear Rick,


Im sorry that I am sending you this e-mail so late, but I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Thanks to your hard work through All American Baseball, you were able to help me find not only the team that I wanted to play for, but also the school of my dreams. Everything here at George Washington is awesome, and I am having a blast while also still getting to play the sport that I love. Without your help, I don’t know if that would have been possible. You believed in me as a person and a player, and helped me get to play Division 1 baseball, a dream of mine since I was a little kid. Once again I just want to thank you for all that you did for me, and I wish you all the best.

Sean McCart
LHP from Las Vegas, Nevada, Spdate company


Dear Coach,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the invite to this weekends camp/showcase. I have attended many different showcases and I truely think the All-American camp is the most honest and true camp I have ever been to. Even though the weather threw a kink in the schedule I thought the indoor was very productive and I feel as if I got a very productive workout from it. Also I would like to personally thank Chris and Jacob. They talked to me and interacted throughout the whole weekend. Mrs. Char thank you more than anyone, I signed up late and you managed to get me in just in time. Thank you all so much for the great looks and I hope to be hearing from you in the future.
               –    Mason Chapmond

               –    2B from Hot Springs AR


Of all the showcase camps I have attended, Rick Twyman’s All American Midwest Baseball Showcase was the only one with the number of college coaches and scouts in attendance that I was told there would be. More than 20 coaches were present and I had the opportunity to talk to all of them. Coach Twyman and his staff were available to answer all my questions and advise me on the recruiting process. I would recommend Rick Twyman’s camp to any player still in their recruitment.

Thanks to Coach Twyman and his staff.
                   –   J.D. Prochaska
                   –   Lawrence, Kansas
“All American Showcases are outstanding events for high school baseball players to be scouted by a wide range of college coaches throughout the country.  The caliber of player is exceptionally high, making it a must attend for players and coaches alike.  All American is a first class organization that has both high school players, and college baseball programs best interest at heart.  It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to work with such a top shelf group of people.” 
–    Tim Brown
–    Assistant Baseball Coach
–    The George Washington University
“All American Baseball Showcase runs a first class event that provides high school players the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college coaches form across the country.”
                –      Jason Laws

                –      Assistant Coach
               –      Arkansas State University
Rick Twyman and All-American Baseball Camps do a great job bringing talent to college coaches. Rick and Shar, with the rest of the organization work really well at running the organization in order to create opportunities for baseball players throughout the country. If you are an athlete looking to play at the next level, this organization is for you.”
            –     Justin Cunningham
            –     Oklahoma Wesleyan University

“Rick is an outstanding coach and his contacts in the baseball world are legitimate and many. If you do your job and perform on the field, he’ll do his job off of it. The contact he has with very important people, at EVERY level of the game, is invaluable. Thanks Rick.”
                 –     Nate Shaver

                 –     Previous College and Heat Player
                 –     Assistant coach for New Mexico State


“My name is Evan Jones and I am an assistant coach at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. I recently attended my first All American Showcase in Kansas City, Missouri as an evaluator and scout.  The showcase staff was highly organized and extremely courteous. The showcase was well laid out and the structure was of the highest quality. Each of the prospective athletes were given ample opportunities to display their talent for evaluation from the numerous college coaches in attendance. The showcase was a great chance for High School athletes to get their name out there to college coaches who represent almost every collegiate division. I would recommend All American Showcases to any player who wishes to play at the next level, regardless of previous exposure.”
                 –      Evan Jones

                 –      Drury University



  “All American Baseball Camps and Showcases has been a wonderful first step in continuing our son’s education and baseball career in college. Rick Twyman of AABC runs his camps better than the others. He takes a personal approach with your child and Rick wants to make sure that our son plays baseball as well as succeeding with being a college student.
We did attend two other major camps but felt that Rick’s camp had our sons best interests in mind and wasn’t about trying to “sell the extras” as other camps do. Rick gives you his professional advice as to what level your son can play at. Danny had no other offers and his high school coaches kept saying “we have been contacting college coaches for you”. Within a week Rick had three offers for Danny. Rick knows the “ins and outs” of recruiting better than some high school coaches do. AABC will do the financial aid paperwork with you to maximize the amount of money your son will receive to use toward paying for college.
Rick discussed the three offers with us and where Danny ultimately has the best chance playing as a Freshman. Rick called the coach of the college we picked and the coach called Danny to come visit the college. Danny was excited to sign the Letter of Intent. Danny will play his Senior year without worrying about his college future all thanks to Rick and AABC. As a side note, our Freshman son Alex, will also go through AABC camps.”

                   –     Dan & Joanna Topps
                   –     Las Vegas, Nevada

 “All-American Baseball Showcases puts on a very organized, detailed showcase for High School prospects. It is a great way for coaches, like myself, to be able to see good talent that wouldn’t be accustomed to in our region. Rick, Chris, Jacob, and the All-American Baseball staff really give kids an opportunity to get instruction from college/professional coaches at all the different levels, and evaluate them for recruitment to our various colleges and universities.  I go to these types of events looking to offer individuals in hope to find a great student-athlete for our program here at Coker College.”
            –     Richard Meinhold
            –     Coker College

            In the Fall 2010, I contacted Rick Twyman and explained to him that I believed our son, Ryan, had the talent to play beyond High School, but did not know at which level his talent measured up to. Mr. Twyman told me he would evaluate Ryan and give us a straight answer at the All American Showcase, whether it was what we wanted to hear or not. He also explained that not all players are D1 candidates, and that he knew many coaches at the D2, NAIA and JUCO levels. I took him for his word, but must admit I was still guardedly skeptical since we had just attended another “Showcase” 1 month prior that had turned out to be a $400 waste of time and money.
        The All American Showcase was conducted very well with several collegiate coaches from all levels providing instruction and evaluations. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased how the player’s best interests were put first by the All American Showcase personnel. At the showcase Ryan was evaluated and Mr. Twyman said he believed he could definitely get him a look at a D2 or NAIA.Ultimately, Ryan did sign with a University that Mr. Twyman had contacted.
         The cost of the Showcase was well worth the point blank, honest evaluation of our son and the effort placed to find him an opportunity to play baseball beyond high school. I would recommend that any High School Player desiring to play at the college level attend an All American Baseball Showcase.
Brian Householder – Yuma, AZ
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