Past Events

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Past Events

Showcases and Evaluation days

All American – Arizona Prospect Showcase – Sold Out

Location:  Phoenix, Arizona

January 9 – 10, 2012


All American – Arizona Prospect Showcase – Sold Out

Location:  Phoenix, Arizona

December 10 – 11, 2011


All American – Missouri Prospect Showcase- Sold Out

Location:  Kansas City Missosuri

September 17 – 18, 2011


All American – Kansas Prospect Showcase- Sold Out

Location:  Wichita Kansas

July 30 – 31, 2011


All American Baseball Arizona Prospect Showcase- Sold Out

Location:  Paradise Valley High School

 January, 2011


All American Baseball Las Vegas Nevada Prospect Showcase – Sold Out

Showcase Location:  Faith Lutheran High School.

October, 2010


Some of the coaches and schools that attended our past showcases:

Jeff Christy – University of Nebraska D1

Billy Hall – Wichita State University D1

Jason Neal – Morehead State University D1

Bob Herald – University of Nebraska Omaha D1

Jason Laws – South Dakota State University D1

Steve Bieser – Southeast Missouri State D1

Keith Vorhoff- University of Kentucky D1

Evan Pratte – University of Missouri D1

Mike Evans – New Mexico State D1

Mike Trahan – University of Louisiana, Lafayette D1

Brock Ungricht – Stanford University D1

Russ Steinhorn – University of North Carolina Greensboro D1

Mark Wagner – University of Evansville D1

Clint Stoy – University of New Mexico D1

Shaun Larkin – Cal State Northridge D1

Ty Neal – Indiana University D1

Rick Heller – Indiana State University D1

Christopher Maliszewski – University of Iowa D1

Mark Van Ameyde – Michigan State University D1

Mike Kunigonis – Virginia Tech D1

Steve Bieser – Southeast Missouri State D1

Jerry Edwards – Eastern Kentucky University D1

Seth Von Behren – South Alabama University D1

Tim Brown – George Washington University D1

Jason Bell – Penn State University D1

Ruben Noriega – San Jose State D1

Mike Metheny – South Eastern Oklahoma State D2

Zack Saunders – Southwestern Oklahoma State D2

Bob Fernelli – Emporia State D2

Brian Schweiger – Cal State University San Bernardino D2

Nathan Beuster – Lindenwood D2

Rick Meinhold – Coker College D2

Zane Ehling – Newman University D2

Gary Vaught – University of Indianapolis D2

Beau Schultz – Pittsburgh State University D2

Stefan McGovern – Metro State University D 2

Jeremy Sheetinger – Saint Josheph’s College D2

Scott Nasby – Drury University D2

Beau Schultz – Pittsburg State University D2

Gary Burns – Rockhurst University D2

Chris Emanuel – Lindenwood University D2

Scott Laverty – University of Redlands D3

Luke Harrigan – West Minister College D3

Jason Hawkins – Occidental University D 3

Jake Martin – DePauw University D3

Bill Browett – Missouri Valley College NAIABrad Bass -Wayland Baptist University NAIA

Jared Hamilton – Sterling College NAIA

Cary Lundy – Park University NAIA

Adrian Dinkel – Sterling College NAIA

Kyle Touchatt – Kansas Wesleyan University NAIA

Justin Cunningham – Oklahoma Wesleyan University NAIA

Pat Hon – Tabor College NAIA

Jacob Morales – Central Christian College NAIA

Josh Franklin – Georgetown College NAIA

Rob Miller – University of Saint Mary NAIA

Jeremy Cantrell – Bethany College NAIA

Andrew Ehling – McPherson College NAIA

Adam Neisius – Friends University NAIA

Joe Reed – Ottowa University NAIA

Ralph Grajeda -Vanguard University NAIA

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