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2015-2016 HEAT – All American / Top 100 Games Camps

Brief Description

Open to high school and Junior college players.
Number of players at each position is limited.

The Cost of our events is only $350.
Unlike other camps and showcases All American Baseball has developed the most productive baseball games camps in the country, for both high school and junior college players. Founded by Rick Twyman and the late Dick “Chief” Twyman with over 20 years of running college showcase camps and owning the Wellington Heat (previously the Haysville Heat) in the “Jayhawk League” a national power in summer collegiate baseball.  The Twyman family has been connecting both high school and junior college players with college coaches and professional scouts for two decades. For years All American has been proving there is a college for EVERY prospect academically and athleticlly.  While most parents/prospect rely on our high school or travel/tournament teams for exposure, that just isn’t enough. Times are changing and it’s time to adjust or be left out.

When college coaches attend tournaments, “which is not often because of NCAA rules, school budgets and not enough staff ” they are typically there because they have specific players that they need to watch play. When at those games, they typically stay anywhere from 1-2 innings in order to see a pitcher pitch or a batter get his 1 at bat. Once that happens, they’re off to see another player that they had on their list to watch at the next field. Most tournaments have anywhere from 30-100 teams in attendance with anywhere from 5-30 fields being used. So lets break this down, if your at these tournaments to get your reps, and fine tune your skills – GREAT, but if your there to be scouted odds aren’t good it will happen. If you’re a player who fly’s under the radar like most of us are, you’re chances of being seen and evaluated by that coach are slim to none. Maybe you were lucky enough to get 1 at bat while that college coach was at the game watching your teammate and maybe you hit the ball well or were lucky enough to defend the ball and you did well.  Maybe you are a pitcher for the opposite team and you threw well.  Unfortunately, chances are, it just didn’t matter. It’s very rare and unlikely that you were able to make enough of an impression in just that 1 at bat or inning pitched for the college coaches to pay attention.

That is why HEAT – All American Games Camps are a can’t miss opportunity. Since most of us are not a prospect out of high school that stands out of the crowd with exceptional baseball awards and honors, we need college coaches to recognize our playing abilities, attitude, character, work ethic and other qualities that make us the great ballplayers we are. For that to happen, it generally requires that a college coach watches you play multiple times so that they see you consistently play the game well and get the job done.

With HEAT – All American Games Camps you will have the opportunity to display your skills in front of a minimum of 10-20 Division I ,II, III, NAIA and JC college coaches. (That is like attending 10-20 college camps) You will have two full days and the opportunity to learn, be evaluated and showcase your skills in front of current college coaches.   All of whom have the ability to recommend talent and or recruit for their college programs.  Players go through a Defensive Skills Showcase, run the 60 and play in 3 games ALL ON ONE FIELD WITH THE COACHES ON THE FIELD NOT IN THE STANDS.

It is a privilege to participate in our Games Camps. A HEAT – All American Games Camp is a great way to take your baseball career to the next level. By playing and performing in front of some of the top college programs/coaches in the country as they are at our showcases representing their colleges. In a single word – EXPOSURE. You will get great exposure to the large number of coaches and  recruiters who are on hand.

1. College Coach Guarantee
We can guarantee that there will be college coaches in attendance because we hire them to instruct, evaluate, observe and interact with the players. Our college coaches are interacting and instructing on the field – not in the stands.

2. Friday evening Baseball College Seminar put on by HEAT – All American Games Camps Staff
3. Ball players receive on-field instruction and evaluation (lead by Division I ,II, III, NAIA and JC College Coaches) along with former Professional Players.
4. Coaches and Professional staff will be available at the conclusion of Saturdays games for players and parents to get to meet the coaches and staff for Q & A

5. Teams play 3 games (2 games on Saturday / 1 games on Sunday).

6. Player Evaluations (every coach will evaluate every player.  An accumulative score will be given within 7 days of conclusion of Showcase.

7. Pitchers (throw 3 innings which is 5 hitters an inning – depending on pitch count – SEE BELOW FOR GAME RULES.)

8. Position players (teams consist of 12 position players) Position players will receive 2 to 3 ABs per game. This gives player more playing time to showcase skills.

9. Each game is played on 1 field, providing players maximum exposure to the large number of coaches in attendance.

10. 108 players maximum put on 6 teams by college coaches and staff.

Two day Showcase schedule
108 Player Showcase

Friday schedule  
6:00pm to 6:45pm – Registration
6:45pm to 8:00pm – Baseball College Seminar put on by All American Showcase Directors and staff

Saturday Schedule 
7:15am to 7:50am – Late Registration ” Stretch and Throw”
7:50am to 8:00am – Meet College Coaches in Attendance
8:00am to 9:00am – Begin Defensive Skills Evaluations.
9:15am to 10:45am – Game 1 vs 2
11:00am to 12:30pm- Game 3 vs 4
12:35pm: Field prep
12:45pm to 2:15 – Game 5 vs 6
2:30pm to 4:00pm – Game 6 vs 1
4:05pm: Field prep
4:15pm to 5:45pm – Game 5 vs 3
6:00 pm to 7:30pm – Game 4 vs 2
7:30pm to 8:00pm College coaches and pro staff Q & A with parents

Sunday schedule 
8:00am to 8:30am – Run the 60
8:45am to 10:15am – Game 4 vs 1
10:30 to 12:00 – Game 5 vs 2
12:05pm – Field prep
12:15pm to 1:45pm – Game 3 vs 6

**** On first day of games camp players will be in the defensive skills showcase receiving evaluations based on arm strength from either outfield or infield. Outfielders will get arm strength read from a radar gun making multiple throws from outfield to 3rd Base and infielders will get arm strength read from a radar gun making multiple throws from Short Stop to 1st Base. Catchers getting multiple pop times on their throw downs to 2nd Base.

**** On second day of showcase players will be timed in the 60 yard dash.

HEAT – All American Game Rules

– All games will be a controlled (5) batters to the plate per each half inning. If three outs are recorded, bases will be cleared
– In case of hit by pitch (HBP), same hitter stays in box and starts a new “at bat” with a 1-1 count
– Lineups are posted to give each player equal amount of playing time “All American staff will make line up”
– Batting order is rolling, game 2 will pick up where game 1 ends for each team
– First team listed on schedule will be visitor
– Players will be placed in their primary or secondary position in the field
– Coaches in attendance will be there to call ball, strike, safe, and out
– All players must use wood or wood composite bats
– Make sure that you have all of your baseball equipment and running or turf shoes
– Any dark colored belt or socks are okay
– Grey or white baseball pants

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