About Us

Unlike other camps and showcases our staff is constantly working with colleges and coaches all over the country, pro scouts and professional baseball/softball players 365 days a year. There is no smoke and mirrors here, only legitimate contacts!  All American Staff owns and operates, one of the most successful Summer Collegiate baseball programs in the country going on 22 years named the Wellington Heat.

Our Values

Our mission is to get players to the next level. Our contacts help provide vital connections in the baseball / Softball world. Our love for the game drives our dedicated staff to provide honest guidance and exposure to baseball / Softball players.

Our Showcases are second to none. All American Showcases players to universities and colleges. If you want your son / daughter to be seen, check out the next All American Games Camps near you.

We have a college advisement division in which we are able to consult you as a parent and your child and help you get not only athletic scholarships but if grades permitting, academic scholarships as well.  Our advisement services will be there to guide you through applying for schools, grants and school financial analysis. When looking at schools and scholarships there is so much information to take in and so much you need to know that even our professional advisor’s must work hard to keep up with it all!

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